Hop - Case study: Brand voice for email client

scroll||| Brand Voice & Content Strategy​ Hop Differentiating SAAS in a world of same-old, boring work products. Background Hop (now Spike) decided email needed a big kick to speed up and land in the 21st century. We live in a time of smartphones and gifs, yet email is still the same dry product with miles […]


Vi - Case study - Vi user

scroll||| Kickstarter Strategy • Content strategy • Website copy • Email marketing & social media strategy • A/B testing Vi Building an AI fitness product the world had never seen on Kickstarter. Background Our client LIFEBEAM came to us when they wanted to take a life-saving health biosensor they’d created and put it on Kickstarter. […]

Vitamin Angels

scroll||| Content strategy • Website copy • Email marketing & social media strategy Vitamin Angels​ Starting a movement to fundraise for prenatal healthcare. Background Vitamin Angels is a California-based nonprofit helping cure child malnutrition around the world through Vitamin A supplementation, deworming, and prenatal multivitamins.  When two new studies came out which showed jaw-dropping efficacy rates […]


Xlab - Case study - Brand Logo

scroll | | | Brand Strategy • Visual Identity • Art Direction • UX/UI Design Immersive experiences reimagined Background XLAB Realtime is a New York-based studio which hybrid team works at the intersection of creativity and technological innovation. They’re empowering leading brands, event production agencies and technical producers to deliver site-specific, software-driven technology installations without the […]


Betterfin - Case - Study - Logo-Image-Cover

scroll | | | Visual Identity • Creative Direction Bringing a human side to finance through strong design. Background Betterfin offers a single, intuitive process to get options for the best and most appropriate financing for a small business owner. One stop shop, a single application to get dozens of real financing offers. Project The aim […]

Offered: Branding Help for Covid-19 Campaigns

In the face of economic hardship, your brand will have to be far sharper than it’s been in the past to earn the cash of customers as they tighten their pocketbooks. Follow these two steps to set your brand up for success.

The House Fund

scroll ||| Brand strategy • Visual Identity • Verbal Identity • Voice Guidelines •Conceptual Photography • Copywriting • Site design The House Fund Finding a VC’s True North to differentiate among a sea of competitors. Problem In this time of a proliferation of VC funds, The House Fund needed a new identity that differentiated them […]

Bow Capital

Case study - BOW CAPITAL - Venture Capital

scroll ||| Brand strategy • Verbal identity • Content strategy • Recruit & manage design Bow Capital Shaping a story of legacy + innovation to bring a new VC fund to life. Background Bow Capital is a Silicon Valley based venture firm started by Vivek Ranadivé, the founder of TIBCO, the billion dollar company that […]