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So Here’s The Rub...

RBG knew the importance of studying the competition, knowing her audience, and using the law to build air-tight strategies to advance who “we the people” stands for. Had we followed her foundationally sound approach in Roe v. Wade, reproductive rights wouldn’t be vulnerable to reversal today.
We had the honor of joining the World Health Organization’s Global Covid Hackathon, #BuildforCOVID19, in partnership with Microsoft, Facebook, Slack, Pinterest, and others, to build solutions for "challenges related to the coronavirus pandemic."
Many have been negatively affected by Covid-19, and we feel morally compelled to do our part and help out mission-driven companies with shifting strategies.
In the face of economic hardship, your brand will have to be far sharper than it's been in the past to earn the cash of customers as they tighten their pocketbooks. Follow these two steps to set your brand up for success.

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