Our approach

We believe in craftsmanship, and dedicate all of our attention to only a few clients at once, taking the time to find gold with you.

Harness the
power of story

Stories have been used for millennia to connect us, transmit knowledge, and help us understand the full potential of the human spirit. Your brand has a story too, making you come to life in the mind of your customer.

Once we find the WHY behind your brand, it becomes your North Star, shaping everything from copy, to visual identity, to marketing and product strategies, and beyond. As with any good story, this idea fits into a hero’s journey, to paint a compelling picture of why you matter.

Stand out in the mind of your customer with a powerful story.

Our Approach to Branding strategy

Our process



The mechanics. Position and differentiate your brand through research and analysis. With audience and market insights, we’ll come up with a differentiation strategy—a strategic plan to set you up for untapped market value.


North Star​

The soul. Connect with customers through your unique story. Once the strategy is in place, we’ll find the simple truth at the center of your company that makes everything about you make sense— telling a consistent story through all brand touch points. Everything you express, from name, logo, content strategy, all the way to internal culture and hiring practices, should line up to this North Star.


Visual Identity​

The artistry. Express your brand vividly. With your North Star as our guide, we’ll shape a visual identity with a strong concept, including colors, typography, a logo mark, and an entire visual language cohesive to your overall narrative.



The execution. Taking the newly shaped visual identity, we’ll expand it by building websites, apps, and any collateral needed for launch.

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