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Ambi Robotics

Infusing Warmth into E-commerce Robotics


Ambi Robotics is a Silicon Valley based AI robotics company that is pushing the envelope of robotic possibility. Their incredible technical story started in the lab at UC Berkeley, where they were the first roboticists who realized you could train robots in simulation thousands of times faster than in typical real-world training, which is clunky, expensive, and time consuming. It’s called simulation-to-reality transfer learning, and it’s changing the game of robotics.

They needed a new brand to come out of stealth.


We defined a new category for them, and built a new brand and product videos to share their story with the world for the first time.

A Future-Forward Visual Identity

As a young company, it was important for us to create a visual identity that was strong yet flexible, able to grow and expand alongside them.

Using the robotic arm as inspiration, we created an iconic, cigil-like logo with negative space of the suction cup gripper in the center. This cigil can be used across digital media, but we needed to make sure it was strong on the robots themselves. With wires and cables that can sometimes get messy, the logo needed to be strong and simple.

Two Hands will build the best brand for your business and will put you into a position to exceed your own expectations. This isn't easy work, but it is rewarding to see your brand reach new heights in their care.

—Stephen McKinley, VP Operations, Co-Founder

To create a visual system, we broke apart the logo to create a hexagonal mask that could pull their visual identity together throughout digital uses—whether web design, social media, or sales materials.

Creating a Category

Given their strong product focus, knowledge of their audience, and clear competitive advantage, this became a game of positioning in a sea of many players.

While other competitors were in the business of e-commerce “sorting automation,” we felt that positioning was too limiting for Ambi, given the power of their tech and its applications for expansion. So, we helped them create a new category: Robotic Dexterity. This sells a bigger dream of infinite possibility and makes the others seem limited.


Fortifying a Value Prop

The Ambi team came to us with strong values and an inspiring mission, and we helped them translate and hold true to these goals across a complex industry with many different supply chain touchpoints and customer personas that varied in technical know-how.

Multi-Purpose Video Work

Coordinating a shoot during COVID times is a test of logistical skill, but our video team was incredible and produced high-quality, informative, and engaging final products. We shot their flagship product on-site at the warehouse of one of Ambi’s clients. We then were able to use our selection of videos for several purposes, including. 1) a demo video for the industry leading logistics conference 2) Wired announcements and other media use.

We art directed, storyboarded, scripted, and plotted out our shots. The Director and Director of Photography planned out the right gear to capture our vision, and then we got to shooting.

A Versatile Website

User-Friendly Development

We built the site so that it’ll be easy for their team to create new sales and marketing materials on their own, ensuring ease of handoff, and making sure this is a site that will continue to grow with them.


Many thanks to the numerous hands who helped pull this off, and to Ambi for being the absolute best partners to work with.

Strategy, Production: Eva Frye
Strategy: Madeline McCallum
Visual Identity, Art Direction: Michaela Fiasovà
Web Design: Ondrej Jelinek
Video Direction, Production, Editing: Rob Wadleigh/Duel Citizen
Director of Photography: Thomas Hubbel
3D Animation: Charles Joslain
Voice Guidelines: Malik Adan
Project Scope Design & Development: Mathieu Salé
Junior Design: Sara Galova
Advisor: Cliff Chen

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