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End Well

Creating a movement for end of life


EndWell is an nonprofit transforming how we as individuals and a society experience the end of life through content and strategic industry partnerships.

They had a website that wasn’t cutting it, and needed help becoming THE platform for end of life content.


Through user and industry research, we helped them launch a new content product platform that felt richer, and more robust, taking accessibility in mind. We preserved the brand equity they had, while fleshing out a more expansive design system and usable website.

See the before and after

The Building Blocks of a Movement

We helped End Well visualize the different moving parts of their business to show the individual and systemic changes they were making—the true building blocks of a movement.

Data-driven product updates

User interviews, industry research, UX audits, jobs-to-be-done, and user journeys all fed into data-driven product updates, turning End Well’s website into a powerful vehicle for content discovery.

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