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Higg Co

Making manufacturing a force for good.


Measuring manufacturing sustainability is so multi-faceted and complex, it can get convoluted easily. Yet with many different types of users adopting their tech all over the world, from manufacturers, to textile designers, Higg Co needed a clear story to get their message across, beating out competition, and literally, saving the world.


We worked closely with their core team to codify a bold, assertive strategy and clear offerings, sharing the Higg Co story in a way that inspired users that sustainability is, in fact, attainable, in a top-to-bottom new website.

The Work

Higg Co was building the measurement system and technology that could actually help save the planet from manufacturing waste. They needed a brand strategy, verbal identity, and website that simplified their story, making it accessible to a variety of users.


Our comprehensive strategy codified their North Star, keeping the hero— brands cleaning up their manufacturing processes— in mind.

Verbal Identity &
Voice Guidelines

Taking the brand foundations, we codified and expanded Higg Co’s voice into a comprehensive guidelines of dos and don’ts, aligning Higg Co’s marketing and sales team in one cohesive voice.

Information Architecture

We combed through reports and interviewed key staff, putting together a story of impact through data.

Product Marketing

We interviewed Higg Co product specialists and salespeople to help take Higg Co’s product offerings from high-level, to specific, with actionable measurements and benefits. 


Thanks to the talented Jenna Van Hout for beautiful brand design.

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