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Vitamin Angels

Starting a movement to fundraise for prenatal healthcare.​


Vitamin Angels is a California-based nonprofit helping cure child malnutrition around the world through Vitamin A supplementation, deworming, and prenatal multivitamins.

When two new studies came out which showed jaw-dropping efficacy rates for prenatal multivitamins, they knew it was time to start the rallying cry— to educate, turn gears for policy change, and fundraise to save newborn lives.

They came to us to tell the story and rally people digitally.


We conceived a complete digital fundraising campaign for a nonprofit solving child malnutrition, bringing to life a business pivot and their biggest advocacy campaign to date.

After digesting the latest ground-breaking health literature into a simple story with personal touches, we rallied support for prenatal health for mother and child in a full digital campaign.

Information Synthesis

We needed a simple, emotional story that’s backed with medical accuracy.

So, we distilled complex health studies into the 3 most compelling numbers that told a narrative.


newborns die everyday

These young lives could be saved if mothers and babies had access to affordable, quality health care, good nutrition, and clean water.


1 %
are from preventable causes

Such as premature birth,
labor and delivery complications,
and preventable infections like sepsis and pneumonia.


1 %
decreased mortality with prenatals

…in newborns of anemic mothers. Anemia is a serious and common problem affecting 38% of pregnant women around the world, and can lead to low birth weight and premature birth, which decrease a child’s chance
of survival.

Content Strategy

Next we added supporting content to build up credibility, and cover the rational and emotional sides of the story.

Two hands is a highly capable, kind spirited, production genie. They think critically about message strategies, and bring both gusto and creativity to projects

—Margaret Nicoll, Founder of Maka Digital

Campaign Messaging

We created messaging that’s appropriate to introduce people to a complex topic in a simple way, and encourage action.

Email and Social Strategy

We guided the client’s team on how to write goal-focused emails and A/B test, and shaped copy for each segment of the funnel on social media. 


We exceeded the previous year’s donations by 100%, and saw a brand lift of 24%.

We are so appreciative of the support you have offered in helping us build a powerful and more effective Mother's Day program.

—Shannon Burke, Director of marketing

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