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Differentiating SAAS in a world of same-old, boring work products.​


Hop (now Spike) decided email needed a big kick to speed up and land in the 21st century. We live in a time of smartphones and gifs, yet email is still the same dry product with miles of quoted text that it has been for the last 40 years.


After analyzing the top work products out there, we noticed something similar in their messages. When did work become so dry and boring? It was time to liven things up.

So, we set to work defining a playful-yet-professional brand voice and website copy to bring the brand to life.

Differentiating Against Giants​​​

Hop was going up against clients like Gmail, Superhuman, Dropbox, Slack, and Workplace by Facebook. All strong brands— but none of them sounded personal and fun.

Now that they had a product, they needed a brand voice to effectively convey their story.

Competitive Analysis

Building A Brand Voice

Action-Packed Website Copy​

Our strategy stemmed from the idea that Hop gives you superpowers to slash through inbox distractions, leaving you free to focus on what matters— flowing through work. So, we described all the features/benefits with rich, superhero-fueled verbs and allusions.

The result was a fun and playful site they could unleash for their beta launch.

Zap, pow, kabam— a nod to 60’s era batman.
All seeing, all knowing calendar— allusion to the eye of Sauron;
Bend notifications to your liking, 6th sense, conjure links out of thin air, etc. — we injected superpowers everywhere they were appropriate.

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