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Hello! We are a collective of strategists and storytellers who help brands define their identity.


Find Your Story,
Find Your Audience

Two Hands Brands - Find Your Story

We weren’t there when NASA landed a man on the moon. Nor were we there for the fall of the Berlin Wall. But we know of them both because of the power of story.

Between the work itself and the tales that follow, the human race has been propelled forward with little more than language and opposable thumbs.

Your story is key to your brand’s success, by sharing who you are and why your audience should care. Our personal, hand-made approach clarifies your special sauce and positions you for untapped market value.

Imagine what can be accomplished when we roll up our sleeves and tell your story together.

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What we do

Two Hands Brands - We do Strategy


Brand hierarchy
Differentiation + positioning
Qualitative audience research
Content strategy
Community strategy

Two Hands Brands - We do Design


Visual identity
Web design
Environmental design
Packaging design


Two Hands Brands - We do Messaging


Verbal identity & guidelines
Thought leadership

Two Hands Brands - We do Development


Custom websites
Hosting setup

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